Blasted Church Vineyards

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Blasted Church is a small estate winery on the outskirts of Okanagan Falls, named for a group of pioneers who, with dynamite and a little luck, successfully dismantled an old church back in 1929 and brought it 16 miles back to Okanagan Falls, minus a steeple. Like the plucky crew before them, Blasted Church's team of committed, passionate individuals relishes a challenge. For them, it's bringing the very best out of the land and converting it into truly enchanting wines. Blasted Church is well-known for its irreverently-named products and quirky wine labels.

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378 Parsons Road
Okanagan Falls, BC, V0H 1R0
(250) 497-1125

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We're tasting #blastedwines at @LibertyMerchant on Granville Island from 2-5pm TODAY! See you there!
@alndwi Lucky you. It's a beautiful spot, with a great wine list, I must say;) Enjoy your trip!