Host an Online Wine Tasting Event - May 20th 2021

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We know the pandemic shut down year-end parties and many other social gatherings and events – including most wine tasting events, but we also know a way to socialize in line with current restrictions safely and enjoyably. Virtual wine tasting! It’s a great way to connect with friends, family, and co-workers, and is sure to liven up any online meeting. Whether you need an event due to pandemic restrictions or an event for any remote team, here are a few things you can do to host an online wine tasting event.

1. Pick a theme

Any theme will do. Suggestions are wines of a certain year, country, or region. Perhaps you could all purchase wines of the same colour – rosé, anyone? If you all live in the same area, you could all order wines from the same local winery. Supporting local is always a plus. Once your theme is set, select the appropriate wines and snacks and include any instructions with your Zoom, or other live stream service, invite. Formal wine tastings do not generally include snacks beyond palate cleansing bread or plain crackers, but unless you are planning a strictly formal event, feel free to throw any rules out the window.

2. Encourage storytelling

Ask everyone to come prepared to explain why they chose their specific wines (if you are all selecting your own) or tell their favourite wine tasting story. Perhaps some of you have been at tasting events together before. It won’t take too many sips before the reminiscing will begin.

3. Prepare unique questions

As the host, it’s helpful to have questions ready to make the event as interactive as possible. Questions can be along the lines of, “Does this wine evoke any particular memories or emotions?” or “Would you describe this wine as perfect for a date night or raucous party?” Question options are limitless. Just remember to have fun with it. Life if serious enough. Wine needn’t be.

4. Choose the number of wines to taste

Ideally, pick between three and six wines and sip from lightest to heaviest. You should try to include at least one sparkling wine – a great way to start the tasting off on a light note.

We are confident it won’t be long until we can once again gather for wine tasting and other social events, but until then, or whenever time or space prevents social gatherings, choosing virtual is a great option. Google online event ideas for many more suggestions and tips. For the latest news concerning wine in the Okanagan, from new award winners to the latest Covid updates, visit our News section.

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