Wine Still In The Making: Pandemic Update - November 24th 2020

Though most of the world is on lockdown, our palate surely does not have to be. As most wine enthusiasts are aware, there are several health benefits to enjoying a glass of antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory and heart health-enhancing delicious wine. The unfortunate current pandemic situation is certainly no reason to deprive yourself of such well-being, that is for sure! 


This being the reason Okanagan Wines continue to provide wine connoisseurs with up-to-date information of all the exceptional Okanagan wineries, vintners and the latest news about available wines, wine tours and events of all the sun-kissed Valleys wineries, in one convenient location! Rest assured, the Okanagan Valley wine community is still alive and well!


As most of us aware, there has been quite a lot of change during this pandemic for us all. Businesses, establishments, and people have had to adapt to continue to function as ‘normal’ as possible.


In a recent report conducted by the B.C Wine Institute, 83% of vintner survey respondents said they felt the effects of the pandemic, as much other business has endured as well. However, most wineries continue to produce and sell wines. Although the way wineries were selling their wine was changing rapidly, just as restaurants “pivoted” to take out and deliver, wineries and vintners utilized new sale channels to get their wines to market.


Some wineries are even seeing an increase in sales as a multitude of people started the exploration of new food and wine pairings during their extended stays at home.


Wine tours and events have undoubtedly felt the effects of the lockdown situation as well but there are still wineries and wine tour companies within the Okanagan that carry on offering wine tours and tastings which can do so by implementing stricter policies and co-operating with the necessary COVID safety protocols.


Most Okanagan wineries are still able to conduct wine tours and tastings by reducing capacity and scheduling tours rather than allowing walk-in availability. Some wineries have even modified their tours to being held outdoors to accommodate wine enthusiasts.


Wine tour companies can continue providing their services by limiting the number of passengers they transport at one given time. Social distancing, scheduling of wine tours and following the required protocols allow wine tours to continue functioning to allow wine enthusiasts to look forward to and enjoy. Several wine tour companies offer year-round wine tours even!


Even with all the safety measures and protocols having to be in place, there are still several ways to continue enjoying all the palate-pleasing wines you already love or want to experience for the first time.


You do not have to wait. Start planning your next wine tour adventure now! Review our list of all the Okanagan Valley wineries get in touch with one of the amazing wine touring companies that will gladly take you on the wine touring adventure that awaits you!