Kettle Valley Winery Naramata Bench Reserve Extra 4079

This wine draws it's name as a tribute to the last train, "EXTRA 4079", to climb the summit of the Coquihalla Pass on the Kettle Valley Railway, on November 23, 1959. Four major washouts had occurred that day and the railway closed for repairs. On January 9, 1961 after being closed for nearly 14 months the CPR announced they would not re-open the railway line through the Pass. This brought to an end all direct rail service between the Coast and the Okanagan Valley and to the rail line itself. The grapes for this red blend come primarily from the Hancock vineyard in Naramata. The grapes were hand picked October 26, 2008. This red wine exhibits very rich, ripe and jammy flavours.

From Kettle Valley Winery