Desert Hills Estate Winery

About The Winery

The Wine Capital of Canada, Oliver, BC is home to a premiere terroir known as the Black Sage Bench. It is here, in the sun-soaked desert climate of the south Okanagan, that you find this 24-acre vineyard and family-owned estate winery. The Desert Hills estate was purchased in 1988 and the planting of vitis vinifera was introduced in 1995. Today the vineyard is in full production with planting of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, gamay, malbec, merlot and pinot gris. This gentle east-to-west sloping property was hand-selected for its natural potential to deliver some of Canada's finest grapes. The Black Sage Bench has become notorious for its long, hot summer days, which concentrate the flavors in the grapes, and gentle, cool evenings that round the complexity of each variety. The moderating effect of the Okanagan River on the lower western edge of the vineyard is also a natural deterrent against October frost. "True Pleasure is only a sip away", as you will discover when you try one of Desert Hills' select wines.

The Details

30480 Black Sage Road
Oliver, BC, V0H 1T0
(250) 498-1040

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