Elephant Island Orchard

About The Winery

Elephant Island Orchard wines are hand-crafted from a variety of fresh fruits grown in the Okanagan Valley. The distinctive characteristics of each wine are achieved through the careful fermentation of perfectly ripe fruit -- no colors or flavors are added. The crafting of Elephant Island's wines follows the same exacting combination of science and art that is applied in the production of fine grape wines, converting the natural sugars of the fruit to alcohol through fermentation. Each Elephant Island wine is crafted exclusively from the fruit referred to in the name. The success of its wines starts with the award-winning fruit grown in the Okanagan Valley. They grow much of the fruit used in the wine themselves, nurturing the fruit from tree to bottle. Like grape wines, the natural levels of acidity and sugar levels in each harvest are critical in achieving a balanced and distinctive wine. Completely family owned and operated, Elephant Island Orchard Wines has been built on traditions of hard work and a respect for the land, combined with generations-old family recipes.

The Details

2730 Aikens Loops
Naramata, BC, V0H 1N0
(250) 496-5522

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